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An outdoor picture of a small wooden cross on a mound of dirt in the foreground on the right, with a blurry sunset and trees in the background.

An Ignatian Guide to the Spiritual Life

I was first introduced to Ignatian spirituality almost a decade ago through a 5-day retreat at the Jesuit Spirituality Center of Grand Coteau in Louisiana. Amid a period of grief and looking for extended silence, I stumbled upon Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. I found myself transformed by his deceptively simple, but incisive, wisdom.

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A Note from Tammy

Every day when I come to work, before I go inside, I take a moment to enjoy the other-worldly beauty of the PTS campus. Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to work here, in such a peaceful place with coworkers who are smart, supportive, and kind.  How I got here some might call serendipity, synchronicity, or a happy accident.

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The Gift of January Failures

This year, I decided to make no New Year’s resolutions. I tend not to make many, anyway. Instead, I resolve primarily to follow Christ more fully and love more faithfully—and not so much to do this or that with each year’s arrival. (I do want to get to the gym or into the woods more often because my body cries out for movement.

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Bo’s Advent Musings

Friends who know me well call me the “Sunrise Kid.” Some will receive random text messages from me at 6 AM with a new picture of my latest sunrise spot. I joyfully chase these glorious sights along the Jersey Shore. It wasn’t until last month that I realized I don’t have to drive a full hour to catch my sunrise off the water!

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