A Note from Tammy

A Note from Tammy

(Your happy, thankful CCL Administrative Assistant!)


Every day when I come to work, before I go inside, I take a moment to enjoy the other-worldly beauty of the PTS campus. Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to work here, in such a peaceful place with coworkers who are smart, supportive, and kind.  How I got here some might call serendipity, synchronicity, or a happy accident. I call it a God-wink.[1] 😉 I was called to it.

From the moment I saw the job posting and researched CCL’s mission and vision, I knew this was the place for me. A place where I would find professional fulfillment AND joy in service to CCL, its mission, and vision, and to all of you!

When I started in the early fall of 2023, I knew nearly nothing about contemplative listening. No worries, though. My guide in those first few weeks was Wesley Tenney-Free, a PTS senior and student intern for Dr. Lee. Wes led me through our first project, Listening Circles Community infographic.[2] The infographic explains how the listening community is structured and was a perfect primer for CCL’s work.

As a learning and working environment, CCL is unique. We do things differently here.  We go into the woods to connect with ourselves and the Spirit, and we run our meetings contemplatively – by listening for God and one another. These practices are shaped by our Director, Bo Karen Lee, and the result is an environment that is open, honest, nurturing, and peaceful.

From the Director and Advisory Board to the students, staff, faculty, and our CCL community of friends and alumni, I am surrounded by incredible teachers. All are committed to ensuring I can fully participate in and benefit from contemplative listening practices.

I am sincerely grateful for the freedom and joy I receive from the gifts of your time and teachings, and I am especially eager to learn more, and practice often, the (nearly) lost art of listening deeply to others. Deep listeners make the world a better place. In turn, I am excited to be a part of the team that has been gathered to ensure you have access to the training and resources you need for your contemplative journey.

A calling does not promise an easy path, but it has its rewards, and so far, I have counted many. Of them, you are one of the best. Thanks for listening!





An event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when perceived as the answer to a prayer.

CCL Contemplative Listening Circles Infographic

Tammy HemingwayTamara (Tammy) Hemingway is the Center’s first staff member, providing administrative support to the CCL Team and community. Tammy is a Boston University alumna who has spent most of her career working with nonprofit organizations, specializing in emerging NPO’s. When she isn’t working, she is practicing Judo, riding horses, gardening, or hanging out with her family.
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