Founder & Director

Bo Karen Lee

Bo Karen Lee, Associate Professor of Spiritual Theology and Christian Formation, Princeton Theological Seminary

Members of the Advisory Board

Lisa Bowens, Associate Professor of New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary

Heath Carter, Associate Professor of American Christianity, Princeton Theological Seminary

KC Choi, Kyung-Chik Han Chair Professor of Asian American Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary

Keri Day, Professor of Constructive Theology and African American Religion, Princeton Theological Seminary

Trey Gillette, Digital Media Specialist, Princeton Theological Seminary

Abigail Rusert, Associate Dean of Continuing Education, Princeton Theological Seminary

BJ Katen-Narvell, Spiritual Director

David Kim, CEO, Goldenwood; Alumnus, Princeton Theological Seminary

Leonard McMahon, CEO, Common Ground Dialogue; Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care, Spirituality, and Political Theology, Pacific School of Religion

Shann Ray, Professor of Ph.D. Program in Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University

Ruth Workman, Spiritual Director

Staff Members

Tammy Hemingway

Tamara Hemingway, CCL Administrative Assistant
Tamara (Tammy) Hemingway is the Center’s first staff member, providing administrative support to the CCL Team and community.  Tammy is a Boston University alumna who has spent most of her career working with nonprofit organizations, specializing in emerging NPO’s.  When she isn’t working, she is practicing Judo, riding horses, gardening, or hanging out with her family. 

Shiori Zinnen

Shiori Zinnen, PTS Centers Project Manager
Shiori Zinnen is Project Manager for four centers at PTS, including the CCL. In this role, she manages the promotion and execution of hybrid/virtual events, produces videos and podcasts, designs operations and project management systems, and trains and manages the centers’ student assistants. Shiori is originally from Japan and is a graduate of Calvin University. In her free time she loves to make art, lift weights, read big books, and listen to comedy podcasts. 

Student Assistants

Zach Dean

Zach Dean, MDiv
Zach Dean is in his final year as an MDiv student at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is passionate about contemplation, spiritual direction, interfaith dialogue, the intersection of contemplation and social justice, and pastoral care. Outside of class, he enjoys frequent nature walks, good coffee, and heartfelt conversations. 

Eli Henry

Eli Henry, MDiv/MACEF
Eli Henry is in his final year of the MDiv/MACEF dual degree program at Princeton Theological Seminary. Eli’s studies center pastoral care, spirituality, preaching, and social justice, with an emphasis on how these things work together in pastoral ministry. Eli has a heart for community life at PTS and has been blessed to lead worship and preach in a diverse array of communities during his time in seminary. Eli is a Candidate for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA) under care of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.

Zainab Kajang

Zainab Kajang, MDiv/MACEF  
Zainab Kajang is a fourth-year MDiv/MACEF dual degree student at Princeton Theological Seminary. Zainab is also a research assistant under Dr. Bo Karen Lee and an intern with the Center for Contemplative Leadership. Zainab is interested in pastoral care and especially chaplaincy as a vocation after graduation. She is originally from Nigeria.  

Nina Laubach

Nina Laubach, MDiv
Nina Laubach is in the MDiv program at Princeton Theological Seminary with a Concentration in Theology, Ecology, and Faith Formation. Her current Seminary journey brings together, often in creative ways, the experiences from her previous career paths as a structural engineer, yoga teacher, and assistant school chaplain. Nina studied contemplative dialogue with a Benedictine oblate for four years and her other interests include interfaith spaces, and how the Gospel is preached and expressed in public life. Nina is pursuing clinical chaplaincy certification, and continues to advocate for diverse leadership in the Catholic Church.

David Kim

David Kim, MDiv  
David Kim is a second-year MDiv student at Princeton Theological Seminary. David is interested in early Christian history, theology, and contemplative practices. In his free time, David enjoys playing board games with friends, singing show tunes, prayer, holy adoration, and attending Mass. David is currently active at the Aquinas Institute and attends daily mass at Princeton University Chapel.  

Wesley Tenney-Free

Wesley Tenney-Free, MDiv/MACEF 
Wesley Tenney-Free is a fourth-year student at Princeton Theological Seminary, pursuing a dual MDiv/MACEF degree. Wes’ research focuses on the history and praxis of Spirit-centered models for Christian education. He loves to teach and write curriculum. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, watching movies, and writing poetry. Wes attends church at Ecclesia Princeton and he is married to local artist Meredith Tenney-Free. If you’d like to learn more about Wes, please visit his LinkedIn

Alex Zubak

Alex Zubak, MDiv
Alex has spent much of her career working in video production producing educational, children’s and branded content. Alex most recently worked as the Director of Prayer at Oaks Church Brooklyn in New York City. She has called Brooklyn home for the past decade and is now studying for her MDiv at Princeton Theological Seminary. Alex is passionate about interfaith dialogue, embodied faith and giving a voice to artists in the church. She aims to foster environments of hospitality with messy tables.

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